Maps and Directions


The Malpas Hotel is situated on the North coast next to Kyrenia, one of the oldest and most charming villages of Cyprus. To the North is the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and to the South is the backdrop of the famous Beshparmak Mountains. Malpas Hotel offers the most memorable panoramic scenery on the island.

Just a few miles beyond Kyrenia, rests the beautiful town of Kyrenia, a beautifully picturesque seaside town, filled with little cafes, shops, intimate bistros and steeped in a 6,000 year old history. Kyrenia also features miles of natural beaches, calm sea and the romantic Kyrenia Harbour.

A prompt reliable taxi service is readly available from the airport, if required Ercan Airport is 20 minutes by car, Larnaca Airport is about 60 minutes away and Paphos Airport is an approximately 2 hours drive from the hotel.