The Malpas Spa, Wellness and Beauty Centre has everything you need to help you unwind and fully relax during your stay. 

All guests have complimentary use of the Sauna, Jacuzzi, Turkish Bath, Steam Room and for the more active guest we have an Indoor Pool and well-equipped gymnasium. If it's all new to you then don't worry, there's always help on hand to give advice. 

The Centre offers all the latest Spa and Beauty treatments which are carried out by trained professionals to leave you feeling pampered and cleansed. These include hand and foot treatments, nail extensions, foot detox, skin treatments and orthopedic, sports and deep tissue massage. 

The Malpas Hotel & Casino
Where luxury comes as standard  



For full details of the treatments available, please fell free to contact or see below examples of some of the packages on offer.Of Course, we will be happy to tailor any package to suit your needs.


Foot Detox
Our body is exposed to many toxins. These toxins slow down our metabolism and they reduce our energy . A Worldwide known Platinum Detox System helps us to remove these toxins practically and easily from our body in a short time. You will be able to observe these toxins as they cause a change in colour of the water. Toxins are building up in your body so do not delay. Take advantage of this prize winning technology during you stay at The Malpas Hotel. Do not delay to take advantage of this prize winning technology because as time passes these toxins are building up in your body.

Why does water change its colour during the session? 
Skin Cell, water and array combine with toxins and they cause a change in the colour of water. This is the usual process. The change is caused by the chemicals within the water. This change is impressive, however, the important change is inside not outside.





The suitable aroma oil that is to accompany you in the trip of senses, is chosen according to your needs. What is your preference for today, relaxing, purification from dead tissues, or Anti-Ageing? 

The La Stone therapy is a type of pretentious massage based on the ancient Indian healing methods. The hot basalt and cold marble stones are placed upon the energy points of the body. With intense massage and the heat of the stones, the blood circulation in the tissues increases and the stubborn tensions are relieved. You will feel a lovely and deep relaxation and balance in your body and mind.

A concentrated foot massage applied with a special massaging technique. Through reflex points in the feet, the whole of the body and the organs are reached. The energy blockages are removed, the strength points of the body are activated which contributes to a self-healing phase.

This Bath session is like an oriental ritual that is calm and with its eastern type of comfort, contains the art of spoiling a body. You will enjoy the scents of exotic aromas and the prevailing heat in an atmosphere that was enjoyed by the ancient Sultans. The hot steam makes for a comforting effect. 


Christina is a world-class scientifically advanced operation developing specialized skincare products for cosmeticians and their customers worlwide.The company grew out of one woman's vision –to dramatically enhance the quality of skincare for her clients.

Montana Wax-Ozocerite is a wax like oil petrol product, which consists of many biochemical elements. It has a wax heat capacity. lt has analgesic action and is used for treatment of arthropathy. 
Benefits: lt helps spine diseases, stomach problems, chronic liver disease, muscle-skeletonal system.

It is advised to take this treatment after massage treatment.


30 min 75 TL

If you have any questions about our treatments, you can get free consultation by professional therapist.